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What is LSF - Light Steel Framing?

Light Steel Framing is a US-based building system that is gaining importance in the construction market in Portugal. Because of the various advantages it offers, this system is widely used in countries such as the United States, Canada, Australia, South America, South Africa, Japan and many European countries. .

The Light Steel Framing system is characterized by a lightweight structure made of galvanized steel profiles that work together to support the construction. This structure is complemented by OSB plates or cement slabs, bolted directly to the profiles of the structure.

The light steel framing system provides buildings with the final appearance equivalent to those of a conventional construction, but incorporates unparalleled technology, strength and durability.

The Light Steel Framing system meets all architectural needs. Its use is therefore possible in several types of buildings: houses, buildings, facades, schools, hospitals, shops, roofs, etc. Being a low weight system, it is widely used in the rehabilitation of buildings.

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